Monday, September 20, 2010

A Day in the Lives of the Dreadful Duo

Coco: (shaking his head) Personally, I don’t see the fascination in all these piles of dirty clothes.
Cookie: (contentedly chewing on a dirty sock) Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it. The soiled ones are an aromatic, epicurean delight.
Cookie: (covering her ears with her paws) Stop all that barking. I’m trying to take a nap.
Coco: It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to bark at the vacuum cleaner, the dust rag, and dishwasher, and everything else around here that makes noise.
Cookie: OK, then I’ll bark at you.
Coco: Frisbees are to catch.
Cookie: Frisbees are to chew.
Coco: People are to throw Frisbees for me to catch.
Cookie: People are to bark at and jump on when they take the Frisbee away that I was chewing on so they can throw it for you.
Cookie: (making a beeline for the couch) Oh goody, we have the house to ourselves.
Coco: Let’s see; I’ve played with all my toys. I wonder how an afghan would taste.
Cookie: That looks good. Let me have some.
Coco: Well there’s not much left to the afghan. Let’s try a pillow.
Cookie: (jumping up and down excitedly) I know, I know. Let’s eat the remote so the humans can’t watch TV and they will have to play with us.
Human is taking a well deserved nap
Coco: (licking human in face) get up and feed me.
Cookie: (pouncing on human’s belly and nipping nose) Get up NOW. I’m starving.

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