Friday, September 24, 2010

Balls don’t belong at the end of sticks

As a dog owner, I guess I should have foreseen this.

Some time ago a friend of mine wrote an article about some of the things that can be done with tennis balls.
Inspired by her article I cut an X in an old tennis ball and put it on the bottom of a cane that was missing a rubber tip.

My dog, Coco became obsessed with the thing. He tried biting at the ball while I was using the cane to get around. When that didn’t work he took his paw and tried to pull it toward him. I kept trying to say “No,” but it’s difficult to be credible when laughing. 

When I sat down at the computer, I put the cane beside me, leaning it against my desk. Within minutes Coco was biting and clawing the ball. I finally had to hide the cane so he’d leave it alone. 

I can just read his mind. “All toys in this house belong to me. There are NO working toys. That’s why they are called toys.”

When I told my husband about Coco's obsession, he brought home a rubber tip for the cane. I guess there are some things that just aren't wise to do with a tennis ball.


  1. Oh how cute, hahaha, Coco just wanted to play ball!

    FYI...I'm sending you a gather email since I don't have your private email addy..:-)

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