Sunday, September 13, 2009

Halloween Pet Costumes

If you love to dress your pet up in Halloween costumes but you don't have time to make a costume, here are three inexpensive costumes, I am offering on Craig's List. Supplies are limited at these prices so act quickly if you like them.

All items are new in package. The pumpkin costume was only removed for the photo but never actually worn.

How to make pom pom pets

With the cooler weather and the holidays approaching, the kids will probably be stuck inside more and looking for fun things to do.You can keep them occupied by suggesting they make small decorative items for the tree, shelves, and table. The link below will take you to the directions for making fun and easy pompom animals.

They can also try making a pom pom pumpkin, turkey, candy canes, Santa, snowmen, etc. for the holidays.
It might be challenging and fun for them to make a pom pom animal that looks like their pet.

They will only be limited by their imagination.