Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Excessive Dog Barking Behavior Problem - How to Stop Compulsive

Title: Excessive Dog Barking Behavior Problem - How to Stop Compulsive

Author: Rena Murray

Constant yapping at anything and everything is one of the most
annoying and treatable of the obsessive compulsive dog
behaviors. In our series of articles addressing problem bad dog
behavior, these obnoxious barking dog problems are among those
which are unnecessarily exacerbated by unspent, pent up energy,
yet so frequently overlooked by overly protective owners.
Especially with the smaller breeds... And they drive the owners
and neighbors bonkers! That is what this little ear-splitter did.

This day the small Yorkshire Terrier was barking so loudly I
could not hear his very frustrated owner clearly.
"Quiet!" she commanded loudly in exasperation.

I had a spontaneous "Ouch!" escape from me,
because the woman had forgotten that I was on the other end of
the phone. I shook my head for inner ear equilibrium.

"I am so sorry," she said. It was genuine. The poor thing was
near tears, I could tell. "He just won't be quiet. He barks and
barks and barks -at EVERYTHING! Even if it is a simple noise
with which he is familiar."

The little Yorkshire Terrier was still yapping despite her
desperate plea. He refused to stop ... that incessant yapping
that goes right through you until you want to scream.

So I went straight over to the distraught owner's home. The
little dog, Jake, came charging out, barking furiously and in
such a high pitched tone that it was very hard on the ears.

I corrected Jake with a firm "Hey!" and a stare down. He
understood my body language and surrendered immediately.

"I have had this dog for seven years!" the owner exclaimed. "The
only time he has been this quiet is when he was sleeping." Then
she added, only half kidding: "Can't he sleep all the time?"

She said she had tried numerous medications and some exercise to
soothe Jake's excitement, but nothing had worked. I then learned
that Jake was walked for only fifteen minutes a day, and was
allowed to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

"Jake becomes excited before the walk," I said. "He must learn
that the leash means for him to calm down. Second, he must be
behind or beside you on the walk, unless you have decided to
give him free time. You are dealing with a very obsessive dog,
and your not giving him leadership is intensifying this bad dog

Jake screamed and was like a bucking bronco on the leash as I
made him walk behind me. For less than two minutes, this typical
tantrum kept up. Expect a tantrum of some form. It always

However, upon seeing that he could not manipulate me, Jake
relaxed and started trotting along like the ideal little dog. It
is all about leadership and control. We took a good long walk.
Warn out by the time I brought him home, Jack took a short nap
right away.

I showed the owner what to do, step by step, and how to correct
Jake. She worked with him diligently every day, and within three
weeks Jake was no longer obsessive in any way. Seven long years
of obsessive compulsive dog behavior with this excessive dog
barking behavior problem -- cured in three weeks of proper
exercise and dog obedience training. Ahhhh ... Nice and quiet

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