Friday, March 03, 2006


Since last year I have been watching a really amazing dog trainer on National Geographic. Cesar Millan is currently on at 7 pm central time on Friday nights. His program is unique in that he focuses on what owners are doing to encourage unwanted behaviors and then in how to change their behavior to achieve desirable results from their dogs.

In fact his slogan is “I train people and rehabilitate dogs”. He has truly found his calling. It is obvious that he loves both people and dogs and he is very talented at getting to the root of the problem behavior.

I have watched in awe as he helped stop unwanted barking, aggression, fighting with other dogs, biting, and every kind of unwanted behavior that I can think of as well as some I never thought of. On several occasions, he has been called in as a last result prior to putting the dog down because everyone else had given up on it. And each time he was able to teach the owner what had to be done to save their dog and to give them all another chance at a normal and happy coexistence.

If you would like to learn more about this gifted trainer please visit