Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dogs Are From Pluto

My mind goes off on some weird tangents sometimes. This morning I was thinking about the differences between my female dog and my male dog. (Both "fixed" BTW). It occured to me that if Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, then Dogs must be from Pluto.

My female dog will lick me anytime, any place, and practically incessantly if I let her. My male dog, on the other paw, is much more restrained. He will only lick me when he lowers himself to honor me with one tiny kiss. And only after he has sniffed wherever he is thinking of licking. Sometimes after sniffing he will simply back away from the area he thought about licking as if he finds me offensive. I can't help but wonder how an animal who will lick his sister's behind, lick out of the toilet bowl, and lick bird droppings if I don't watch him closely enough, can find anything offensive. But I never pretended to understand the inner workings of the canine mind.